So what are the applications? Most of them haven’t been realised yet but here are a few possibilities:

Virtual Tours

Museums, Tourist & Heritage sites – we can scan your locations and build a 3D replica allowing users to explore virtually from the comfort of their own homes.

At risk sites can be scanned and preserved in 3D and then accessed virtual eliminating environmental damage from visitors. Virtual Tours open up potential new digital revenue streams allowing access to a global audience.

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Immersive Technical Training

Businesses can now utilise virtual reality in there organisations to drastically improve training while reducing risk. Hazardous sites such as oil rigs can be scanned allowing workers to virtually familiarise themselves with the environment.

Technical training can be carried out safely and securely in a virtual environment, user based scenarios can be acted out and complicated procedures practised. First person games engine technology provides an interface that is universally known and can be picked up and used instantly.

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Visualisations & Simulations

Once we have digitized your location we can create stunning visualisations and renders in real time. Unlimited iterations or views can be created instantaneously. New designs and models can be combined with the real world location to  visualise refurbs and planned upgrades.

Multiple users can access the same virtual environment to hold online meeting where proposals can be viewed and discussed as if the user was on site.

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