RRS Discovery

The RRS Discovery was responsible for one of the most heroic voyages of exploration ever undertaken, now you can explore the ward room of this iconic vessel in full 3D.

Our sister company Digital Surveys was commissioned to carry out a full 3D laser scan of the RRS Discovery Vessel. The vessel is the center piece of the Dundee Heritage Trust museum and one of the most iconic vessels of our time. At the turn of the century Captain Scott & Shackleton sailed to the Antarctic on the vessel as part of the discovery voyage.

As part of the ongoing conservation Digital Surveys 3D laser scanned the vessel and created an as built 3D model. We decided to have some fun with the model and port it into Unreal engine. So far we have only put in the ward room and we also added a few surprises to make the experience more engaging. It will run on an Oculus Rift or as a desk top experience.

The demo has been shared on both the Oculus Share site and also by WEAREVR. Please download the demo and let us know what you think!!

Full details of the project can be seen on the following link: http://www.digitalsurveys.co.uk/case-study/rrs-discovery


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