We provide a range of Advanced 3D digital imaging, 3D modelling, visualisation and virtual reality services allowing us to build multi platform VR experiences and applications.

  • 3D Site Surveys

    The first part of the process it to laser scan and digitize your site. This provides a survey grade 3D model which can be used to update your existing plans and drawings.

  • 3D Content Development

    We take the as-built 3D model and optimise it for our games engine. This can be combined with additional content or existing or proposed models.

  • Interactive training and learning

    Once the site is digitized we can create user lead scenarios and technical training applications for a range of sectors.

  • Cross Platform Apps

    Our finished applications can be ported to a range of mobile devices or we can assist in installing workstations or VR booths at your site.

  • Research & Development

    We work with the most cutting edge software & hardware, if you have an idea we can help prove proof of concept and develop a working prototype.

The applications of virtual reality are limitless.....




London Office:The Refinery, 13 Radnor Walk, Chelsea, London SW3 4BP, +44 (0) 20 3468 3450

Newcastle Office: Toffee Factory, Lower Steenbergs yard, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2DF t. +44 (0) 191 375 9040