Real Time Interactive Visualisations

Redefining architectural & technical CGI

In architecture, it’s very important to give clients the most realistic representation of their project. Traditionally this has been achieved with physical cardboard and 3d printed models of buildings, but they’re out of scale and not very realistic. On the other hand, 3D still images produced from VRay, Mental Ray etc. are highly realistic, but they are static and cannot be manipulated and the viewer’s perspective is limited. With static renders, the feedback is very slow and unreactive to client changes, whereas real-time visualisation can be programmed to be instantaneous!

Digital VR can build an interactive platform that can interacted with, changed and adapted in real-time such as wall textures and tone, furniture positions, day and night etc. Digital VR can create realistically scaled models that our clients can walk inside, offering the best possible view of the project.



No interaction, resource intensive, long render times

Traditional Benefits

Static Image Interior render at 4K = 4-5 hours

Animation interior render at 1080p (3 mins) = 8 days



Digital VR

Faster, more efficient, more engaging

Digital VR Benefits

Static Image Interior render at 4K = Instant

Animation interior render at 1080p (3 mins) = Real Time

Advantages of Real Time Visualisations:

  • Rapid feedback
  • Immersive viewing on desktop, mobile and VR (Oculus /Gear VR)
  • 8K images or 2K video in real time
  • 360 Stereoscopic renders
  • Intuitive games engine environment
  • Unlimited Views from any angle or position
  • Real time changes to environment – room colours furniture etc.
"Real-time is the next evolution of architectural visualization, and a step change for the industry"

Compatible With Existing Models & Workflows

Real-time visualisations are compatible with existing modelling workflows, your existing models and assets can be converted and utilised. There are a few caveats such as polygonal density and texture map size, however most 3d models can be quickly adapted.

Digital VR Process

Phase 1
Phase 2

Digital VR

Dedicated to Exceptional Quality & Service

Our real-time visualisations service is all about making architecture, products, and designs come to life through immersive digital media. By directly communicating with our production, and project management team, our clients are assured piece of mind that their projects will be delivered on time and in outstanding quality, yet more cost effectively that using traditional methods. We have taken special care to ensure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish so that our clients can focus on their projects and designs.

The end result is a synergy of organisation, communication and creativity, a unique Digital VR experience.


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